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  Monday - Hogs sale starts at 11:00 - Calf sale starts at 12 noon with baby calves selling first - Cows & bulls to follow.
Thursdays start at 10-10:30 a.m.                  
Early Consignments for Thursday April 24, 2014                
Bill Brown 15 Strs/Hfrs Red Angus home raised, weaned, open 600          
Kenneth Geist 40 Strs/Hfrs Angus weaned, vacc, grass ready 500-700          
Greg Holub 63 Strs/Hfrs Blk/CharX home raised, weaned, 2 rnd vacc, open 450-600          
Greg Holub, Doug Sharp 23 Strs/Hfrs Blk/CharX home raised, weaned, 2 rnd vacc, open 450-600          
Mike Gotti 130 Strs/Hfrs Blk  weaned, vacc  350-600          
Loren Remus 90 Strs  Blk Co origin 825-875          
Loren Remus 40 Strs/Hfrs Wf home raised, weaned, 2 rnd vacc, open 850-1000          
Ken & Kelly Kroupa 95 Strs/Hfrs   home raised, weaned, vacc 700-900          
Mike Meisinger 12 Strs   long weaned, home raised, vacc 800          
Armin & Marvin Scripter 80 Strs/Hfrs Blk home raised, weaned, vacc 600-700          
Dennis Katzenmeier 12 Strs     800-850          
Aaron Baldwin 49 Strs/Hfrs Blk home raised, 2 rnd vacc 600          
Tom Whitehair 60 Strs Blk no sort 875-900          
Mike Lorson 65 Strs   no sort 800-825          
Frank Harper 35 Hfrs   checked open 850-900          
Vincent Frees 37 Strs/Hfrs Blk bunk broke, no implants 500-650          
Brett Prochaska 40 Strs   ready for grass, weaned, vacc, poured 675          
John Tibbets 30 Strs/Hfrs   weaned, 2 rnd vacc 450-500          
Richard & Jeff White 110 Strs/Hfrs Blk/Red vacc 450-600          
Rodney Anderson 71 Strs   no sort 825-875          
Floyd Bell 76 Hfrs   open 700-775          
Phillip Larson 20 Strs Blk home raised, 2 rnd vacc 700          
John Heinze 16 Strs/Hfrs     400-600          
Don Montgomery 12 Hfrs     400-600          
Dave Baier 10 Strs/Hfrs   weaned, vacc 550          
Richard Koester 75 Strs/Hfrs   weaned 60 days, vacc, knife cut 400-600          
Tom Eskeldson 65 Strs   no sort 825          
Clyde & Brent Gugler 50 Strs CharX home raised, weaned 650-800          
David Peterson 124 Strs     850-900          
Andrew Giesel 58 Hfrs Mostly Blk   650-675          
Olin Nelson 20 Strs Blk home raised, wormed, vacc, fly tag 550-700          
Todd Kohman 60 Strs Blk no sort 825-875          
Tony Wiebe 28 Strs/Hfrs Blk home raised, weaned, vacc 500-600          
Sue Henry 6 Strs/Hfrs     400-500          
Randy Garrett 50 Strs Blk off rye 775-875          
Johannsen Bros 38 Strs/Hfrs Wf/Red Angus bunk broke, poured, weaned, vacc 500          
Tim & Kregg Kohman 65 Strs Blk no sort 825          
Ken Hedberg 12 Hfrs Blk checked open 750          
Don Svaty 19 Strs/Hfrs Char/Angus X   700-800          
Larry & Lawrence Choitz 6 Strs/Hfrs     700-800          
Riedy Farms 80 Strs     825-850          
Wendell Suelter 25 Hfrs   weaned, OCHV'd, checked open 700-800          
Delbert Wacker 20 Hfrs   weaned, vacc 750          
Melvin & Michael Macek 19 Hfrs Blk vacc 500-550          
Neil Schierling 60 Strs Blk long weaned, vacc 600-625          
Kelly Doerksen 28 Hfrs Blk home raised, vacc, open 400-700          
May 6th Cow Sale                    
ADR 20 Angus yearling bulls semen checked            
Donald Nagley   2 yr old angus bulls semen trich tested            
Donald Nagley   yearling angus bulls semen trich tested            
CMC 51 angus bulls AI sired Sept/Oct calves eligible for registration top sort of 85 bull calves          
Kent Floyd 2 yearling AI sired bulls 1blk/1red purebred simmental semen checked            
Kent Floyd 2 2 yr old purebred simmental bulls semen trich tested            
Dennis Katzenmeier 1 yearling angus bull semen checked            
Dennis Katzenmeier 7 blk angus optimizer bull semen checked            
Dale Miller 1 horned wf bull 19 mo home raised, semen, trich tested            
BRED HFRS                    
Don Nagley                    
Kevin Jones 60 blk hfrs AI bred to MR 3407 cleaned up with sons of Infocus start Oct for 60 days          
HFR PAIRS                    
Clint Cramton 6 blk hfr pairs worked              
Bryan Troyer 20 purebred angus hfrs home raised AI sired angus calves, Jan-Feb cows and calves worked        
Gary Johnson 9 blk/red pairs              
Jerry & Tammy Sulanka 12 blk hfr pairs worked and ready for grass            
Bob Pixler 2 blk hfr pairs home raised              
Steve Zonker 10 blk hfr pairs              
REPLACEMENT HFRS                    
Bar Diamond 40 blk hfrs home raised, OCHV'd, pelvic examined, vacc            
Don Nagely                    
Sunrise W Farms 60 home raised angus cows 3-8 yrs bred angus Gardiner genetics Sept calvers 60 day           
    calving period, all vacc              
Patterson Farms                    
Mike Surhsland 30 blk pairs 7-10 yrs balancer calves all one iron home raised            
Pat Cramton 14 blk pairs 7-9 yrs blk calves all worked for grass            
KZ Cattle 20 mixed age pairs Feb-Mar calves            
Mike & Shane Beckman 50 blk/red angus pairs 4-8 yrs              
Tim Berland 80 red angus cows 3-5 yrs bred to Shurtop Char bulls fall calvers            
  40 blk angus cows 3-5 yrs bred to Shurtop Char bulls fall calvers            
Eric Burk 5 cows 2-8 yrs bred 7 month              
Horseshoe Ranch 63 blk pairs home raised, 5-8 yrs blk/bwf calves            
complete dispersal spring herd                  
Russell Carter 80 fall bred blk cows              
Cbar Ranch 10 blk angus pairs 6-9 yrs big calves            
Eagle Farm & Ranch 40 blk pairs 4-8 yrs              
Morrill Cattle Co 40 blk cows solid to older blk calves all worked for grass            
Rob Braun 8 blk/red pairs 5 yrs blk/red calves            
John Simpson                    
Greg Beetch 30 older pairs red angus cows red/blk calves            
Gary Holstein 425 blk/bwf/red angus cows bred to red/blk angus bulls So Dakota origin            
    Sept calvers 75 day calving period            
Tom Linder                    
Clint Steinert 38 blk/bwf cows 3 yrs 2nd calvers angus calves all worked gentle            
Dustin Finkenbinder 50 red angus pairs 7-10 yrs big fancy Pelton red angus calves            
Bar Diamond 7 blk cows with blk calves              
Black Bros                    
Warren Campbell 6 short horn pairs 2-8 yrs all worked            
Steve Zonker 10 blk/bwf/rwf pairs 5-7 yrs              
Irvin Reinert 12 blk angus pairs 5 yrs old              
Brad Stoppel 10 older pairs                
Patrick Chester 25 red angus pairs 7 yrs old              
Dennis Zumbrunn 15 blk/char pairs 4-6 yrs worked for grass