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  Monday - Hogs sale starts at 11:00 - Calf sale starts at 12 noon with baby calves selling first - Cows & bulls to follow.
Thursdays start at 10-10:30 a.m.                  
Early Consignments for Thursday March 12, 2015                
Floyd Bell 100 Strs/Hfrs     750-800          
LD Davis 196 Strs/Hfrs Blk home raised, weaned, off Rye, Bar S sired 550-850          
Arlyn Close 150 Strs/Hfrs Simm/AngusX home raised, weaned, vacc, open 650-750          
Pete & Cody Meagher 30 Strs  Blk   875-900          
Randy Garrett 30 Hfrs     700-725          
Russell Kasza 57 Strs/Hfrs   weaned, vacc, home raised 675          
Danny Martin 10 Strs/Hfrs Blk home raised, weaned, vacc 400-600          
Gene Schafer 58 Strs     750-825          
Dean Bina 60 Strs Blk/CharX no sort 850          
Wagner Family Trust 12 Strs/Hfrs   long weaned, vacc, bunk broke, open 700          
Gary Glahn 28 Strs/Hfrs     800          
Denny Graham 40 Strs Blk/Bwf/Wf weaned, worked, grass ready 500          
March 17th Cow Sale                    
HW Cattle Co 1 angus bull AI son of Infocus 18 mo old semen tested            
  4 simmental bulls all full brothers semen checked 18 mo            
Dennis Burt 4 yearling blk charolais virgin bulls, 3/4 bloods semen checked            
Bred Hfrs                    
Jan & Kevin Jones 100 blk hfrs OCHV'd AI bred to      cleaned up with LBW angus bulls start             
    end of March, Big hfrs              
Hfr Pairs                    
Wolf & Walter 25/25 angus hfr pairs AI sired calves            
Jake Smith/ Landon Miller 45/45 blk hfr pairs AI sired calves worked            
Replacement Hfrs                    
Mike Kizer & Ed Mangers 220 blk hfrs SD origin OCHV'd pelvic measured and examined, excellent EPD's          
    excellent gentle disposition            
  25 bwf hfrs SD origin OCHV'd pelvic measured and examined, excellent EPD's          
    excellent gentle disposition            
Scott Swenson 35 bwf hfrs all one iron OCHV'd pelvic examined checked open tract scored          
Maury Tate 75 blk/red angus hfrs OCHV'd             
Wendell Suelter 30 blk hfrs OCHV'd 2 rnd vacc, pelvic examined            
Loren Johnson 20 red angus hfrs OCHV'd pelvic examined            
Harold Fieser 50 blk simm/angus hfrs home raised OCHV'd PI neg, complete reproductive          
    tract examination 850#              
Christiansen Ranch 100 blk/red angus/ hereford cows 3-5 yrs bred 5 angus 1 char bull             
Waffler Farms 50 blk/rbwf cows 3-5 yrs bred angus            
Gottschalk & Lohrey 40 blk/red cows 3-5 yrs bred to blk bulls            
Jim Staggs 5 running age black pairs              
Randy Serrien   blk pairs all home raised            
SSE Land & Cattle 20/20 angus pairs 4-5 yrs Jan/Feb calves scourgaurd, wormed, off stalks            
Ray Lyman 85 blk/red cows 4-6 yrs spring calvers bred blk bulls            
Arden Peterson Dispersal 30 longhorn cows running ages bred angus, char, balancer Big cows            
Hutson Ranch 59 blk/bwf cows 4 & 5 yrs bred black charolais April/May calves