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  Monday - Hogs sale starts at 11:00 - Calf sale starts at 12 noon with baby calves selling first - Cows & bulls to follow.
Thursdays start at 10-10:30 a.m.                  
Early Consignments for Thursday April 30, 2015                
Leroy & Scott Martin 50 Strs/Hfrs   home raised, vacc, weaned, knife cut 425-525          
Ballou Cattle 80 Strs/Hfrs   1 rnd vacc, home raised, weaned 700-850          
Morrison Farms 15 Strs/Hfrs   weaned 450-550          
Brian Regier 114 Strs  Blk   850          
Ray Hoffman 30 Strs/Hfrs Blk weaned, 2 rnd vacc 300-350          
Garron Woodruff 195 Strs Blk   850-950          
Duane Burkholder 12 Strs   home raised, weaned, vacc 800          
Duane Burkholder 28 Hfrs   home raised, weaned, vacc 700-800          
May 5th Cow Sale                    
David Braun 3 blk limo bulls 2 yrs semen and trich tested            
Kenny Gfeller 4 wf horned bulls 2-3 yrs semen, trich tested            
Tom & Greg Anderes 2 blk angus 15 mo semen checked            
Hfr Pairs                    
Dean Ogle 40 blk hfrs pairs SD origin AI calves, vacc            
John Simpson                    
Wolf & Walter 50 blk hfr pairs SD origin Excellent dispositions            
Kyle Dorn 10 blk hfr pairs                
C&W Ranch 44 blk hfr pairs AI sired calves by Conneally Thunder            
Mike Becker 20 blk/red angus hfr pairs home raised            
Eagle Farm & Ranch 35 blk hfr pairs some Ai calves fancy            
Morrill Cattle CO 35 blk hfr pairs angus calves, worked            
Matt Schneider 20 blk hfr pairs Jan/Feb calves, worked            
Reed Koop 7 hfr pairs Final Answer breeding, calves worked            
Gary Johnson 9 blk pairs                
David Braun 10 blk pairs angus calves, worked            
Becker & Bachman 10 blk pairs angus calves PI neg, Final Answer            
Rick Landis 4                  
Meitler Cattle 7 blk/bwf pairs blk Feb calves, worked            
Currie Inc 26 blk/bwf pairs, Feb/March calves hfrs poured            
Darin Schrag 5                  
Bred Hfrs                    
Dean Martin 7 blk hfrs home raised, bred to McCurry angus calve Sept 12-Nov, big hfrs proven          
    easy calver, ready for grass            
Roy Soukup 5 angus hfrs home raised bred angus heavy bred            
  4 angus hfrs bred angus for fall calves            
Cows/ Cow pairs                    
James Rohleder 50 blk/red angus cows 3-5 yrs bred blk            
John Simpson 30                  
Jeremy Bledsoe                    
Tom Forshee 15 blk cows 5-9 yrs fall bred            
Porter Land & Cattle 40 running age blk cows fall bred            
Vince Berland 9 angus pairs 3-7 yrs              
Sid Wasmiller 12 mixed pairs              
Kyle Dorn 15 blk pairs 4-6 yrs char calves            
Rosebrook 30 young pairs              
  20 bred cows              
Shawn Michael 40 bred cows              
Morrison Farms 15 solid mouth pairs              
Mark Phillips 11 blk cows 7 yrs bred blk Aug-Sept calves all vacc, scourgaurd            
Zar Ravitskay 6 blk pairs 4 yrs blk calves            
Reed Koop 7 running age pairs simm/angusX calves            
David Brown 10 blk pairs blk calves worked            
Came Farms 13 blk cows 6 yrs fall bred              
Rod Entz 12 blk pairs 4-8 yrs              
Jesse Prosser 30 blk pairs 5-6 yrs blk/bwf calves 30-60 days old, worked and banded ready for grass          
Byron Bauchman 21 fall bred running age cows bred angus            
Meitler Cattle 5 blk/bwf pairs 3-4 yrs Feb calves, worked            
Leroy Lyne 20 bred cows 5-8 yrs Sept calvers            
Don Pennington 8 blk pairs 4-6 yrs char calves            
Don Pennington 8 blk fall bred cows 4-8 yrs            
Cody & Katie Nichols 6 blk pairs 8 yrs april calves            
Jim & Ron Staggs 4 running age cows