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       for information on these sales or to consign your cattle.    
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  Monday - Hogs sale starts at 11:00 - Calf sale starts at 12 noon with baby calves selling first - Cows & bulls to follow.
Thursdays start at 10-10:30 a.m.                  
Early Consingments for Thursday September 4, 2014                
Duane Lewis 228 Strs     900-1000          
Warren Dauer 17 Strs/Hfrs   1 rnd vacc 500-600          
Matthew Vaupel 70 Strs/Hfrs     300-700          
Matthew Vaupel 40 Cows                
Special Cow Sale Monday September 8th @ 4 p.m.                
Ryon Simon 80/20 mostly blk pairs & bred cows fall bred            
Briscoe Cattle 10/10 Blk pairs 5-7 yrs angus calves worked and vacc            
Jeff Dewey 42 blk cows 3-5 yrs bred blk calve Sept 10-Nov 20            
Mietler Cattle 20/20 blk hfr pairs with blk calves worked, running back with hereford bulls            
Jerry McElhaney 22/23 young pairs 3-5 yrs angus calves            
  91 blk cows 3-5 yrs fall bred