Upcoming Horse Sale Events
Order Of Events For The Fall Classic & Futurity
Friday October 10 2014 12 noon Futurity
Friday October 10, 2014 Rope horse preview 6 p.m
Saturday October 11, 2014 Fall Classic starts at 10 a.m.
Sunday October 12, 2014 Colt & Yearling Sale 10 a.m.
  6th Annual F&R Futurity  
  Lope small slow circle to left and then larger faster one stop in center and do at  least one full spin to left.    
  Lope small slower circle to right then larger faster stop in center and do at least one spin to the right.  
  Lope to North end stop and roll back to right, lope to South end stop and roll back to left lope to center stop and  
  back up.  
  Cow work  
  Will be a timed event, you will have to take animal thru an obstacle course.  
  Trail (Will Be a Timed Event)  
  Possible obstacles  
  Open and close gates, cross water, drag log, pick up and transport rain slicker, load and unload in trailer, back  
  thru obstacles, cross logs or tree or bridge possible other tasks closer to date  
  Winners will be determined by total number of points, point will go to top 10 in each event 20 for 1st, 18 for 2nd,  
  16 for 3rd etc. Trail course will be run last with lowest point total going first and high point going last.  
  Events will be paid off per event with the big money being added to the overall point winners  
  $11,000 added money for this years event entry fees will be $150 per horse  
  Spring Spectacular Catalog Horse Sale   Fall Classic Catalog Horse Sale  
    October 11, 2014  
  May 17, 2014   300 Horses  Only  
      Prime Time Session  
  300 Horses   $125  - Lots 1-125  
      Regular Session  
      $75 - Lots 126-300  
  Ranch Horse Competition   Catalog Closes August 11th of first 300 head  
  Friday, May 16th * 6 p.m.      
  (Catalog Horses Only)    
  Short preview Saturday 7:30-9:30    
  ADDED ROPE HORSE PREVIEW FRIDAY @ 12 noon   7% Commission or minimum of $20* $20 No Sale Fee  
  Sale Starts at 10 a.m.   $30 Substitution Fee  
    $11,000 added 2014 F & R Futurity 12 p.m.  
    Rope Horse Preview 6 p.m.  
    Friday, October 10, 2014  
  _________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________  
  Colt & Yearling Catalog Sale  
  October 12, 2014  
  Selling 200 Head Only  
  Call the barn for availability  
2012 Futurity Winners
Reining  Owner Rider
12 1st- #12 Ciscos Pretty Lady  $800 Terri Anderson Drake Johnson
8 2nd- #8 Nitro Smooth $550 James Rohleder Mark Miller
8 1st- #8 Nitro Smooth $800 James Rohleder Mark Miller
15 2nd- #15 Smart Little A $550 Jon Christiansen Jon Christiansen
9 1st- #9 Pep Up Casino $800 Kyle Elwood Kyle Elwood
2 2nd- #2 Shotbya Hombre $550 Rick White Trey Madden
8 1st Nitro Smooth $3,200 James Rohleder Mark Miller
9 2nd Pep Up Casion $2,650 Kyle Elwood Kyle Elwood
15 3rd/4th Smart Little A $1,850 Jon Christiansen Jon Christiansen
24 3rd/4th Smart Little Bruce $1,850 Bruce Sebenmorgan Jamie Stover
12 5th Ciscos Pretty Lady $1,075 Terri Anderson Drake Johnson
17 6th Frenchmans Scatn $500 Donnie Schneider Jessie Lamm
16 7th JK Jaes Ojos Call $500 Josh Lilley Josh Lilley
25 8th Seven Is Smart E $500 Jake Spillman Daisy Spillman
27 9th Little Hickory Stick $500 Wes Roberts Wes Roberts
4 10th/11th MS Diamonds N Cash $250 Kevin Charleston Kevin Charleston
22 10th/11th JDOCS Little Trona $250 Kevin Charleston Jake Charleston
Nominator of Winner James Rohleder $500